1. Up to 0.5 pips Cash Back from Yadix
  2. Why you should get Yadix's Cash Back Rebate?
  3. How to get Cash Back Rebate on Yadix MT4?
  4. Who is Yadix?
  5. Yadix's Trading Conditions

Up to 0.5 pips Cash Back from Yadix

Through “Rebate Account”, you can get up to 0.5 pips Cash Back Rebate from Yadix.

The cash back rebates are instant, unlimited and available for withdrawal immediately with no limits.

How much you will earn depends on the trading volume on Yadix’s Rebate Account.

To start receiving Cash Back Rebate with Yadix, go to Yadix’s online registration page and open “Rebate USD” or “Rebate EUR” account.


Open Yadix Rebate Account

Why you should get Yadix’s Cash Back Rebate?

Yadix’s Rebate account is made to give real support for traders.

Why you would use Yadix’s Rebate account? Here are some main reasons.

  1. Instant Credit
    All cash back rebates of Yadix are credited instantly to applicable accounts. Upon the closure of your order, the rebate will be calculated.
  2. Unlimited Rebate
    Yadix’s Rebate account is capable to offer the unlimited cash back amount for investors. How much you earn depends on your trading volume.
  3. Withdraw-able Immediately
    Yadix’s cash back rebate is available for withdrawal as your profit with no limit.
  4. Low minimum deposit
    You can start receiving Yadix’s cash back rebate from 100 USD of minimum deposit amount.

Yadix focuses on providing “Quality Execution” which any kinds of trader can take advantage of.

For more information about Yadix’s execution, please visit Yadix Official Website.

Go to Yadix Official Website

How to get Cash Back Rebate on Yadix MT4?

Follow the simple steps below to start receiving Instant and Unlimited cash back rebate from Yadix.

  1. Go to Yadix Account Opening Page and open “Rebate USD” or “Rebate EUR” account.
    You can also choose to open other account types and own multiple accounts with Yadix.
  2. Deposit at least $100
    The required minimum deposit amount for Yadix’s Rebate accounts is 100 USD. Use any funding methods you like to transfer your investment funds to Yadix.
  3. Download MT4 and Login
    The download links of Yadix MT4 platforms can be found in the Official Website.
  4. Start trading and Get Rebate
    Now you may start trading and enjoy instant cash back rebate to your account.

Prior to trading, you must contact the support team for the set up of instant rebates, and any volumes traded before the set up on the instant rebate account shall not qualify for rebates.

Instant rebates are credited to a separate MT4 account as cash.

Open Yadix Rebate Account

Who is Yadix?

Yadix is an online Forex and CFD brokerage firm founded in 2010.

The brand is now authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (“FSA”).

By opening an account with Yadix, you can invest in Forex, Commodities, Precious Metals, Oils and Indices.

On Rebate account, you can only trade Forex and Commodities.

Yadix integrates price feeds (market liquidity) from over 15 banks such as UBS, Citibank, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Deutsch Bank and Barclays Bank.

As a STP (straight through processing) broker, one of Yadix’s main advantages is the “Execution Quality”.

For more information about Yadix’s brand and the company, go to the Official Website.

Visit Yadix Official Website

Yadix’s Trading Conditions

Yadix offers the most popular trading platform, MT4 (MetaTrader4) for Desktop, Android and iOS devices.

With Yadix, you can benefit from STP and ECN execution with low latency, millisecond execution speeds, excellent trading conditions and supporting technologies to support high frequency trading.

There is also no re-quotes.

Yadix makes sure that there is no conflict of interest, and allows any kinds of aggressive Forex scalping and EA systems including Scalping robots.

Yadix’s excellent execution quality is also shown in numbers:

  • 78% of trades filled at the requested price or better (with positive slippage)
  • 81% if stop loss, take profit and pending orders filled at asking price or better (with positive slippage)
  • 99.4% of trades executed in 15 milliseconds or less
  • 2 milliseconds average ping speeds using the Forex VPS
  • Complete order execution filled as fast as 6ms