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Offers rebates at the best rates of all FX companies. Highest cash back rates.

The cashback rates shown are PrimeCashback's standard rates. It may vary depending on the brand and account type.

The above cashback thresholds are the amount per lot of EUR/USD in a standard account of each company.

  • More Efficient Forex Trading
  • Cashback whether you win or lose
  • Cashback for EA trades and copy trades
  • Zero commissions paid to PCB

Why Choose PrimeCashback

The most competitive conditions in the market and by far the most favorable environment for traders

Official Partner with each broker

PCB provides the Cash Back service as an official partner of all online Forex and CFD brokers.

Speed & Precision Cashback

PCB automatically calculates the cashback amount according to the rebate % of each financial instrument and executes it all automatically without human intervention.

High Rebate % Trader First

By automating everything and eliminating unnecessarily costs, PCB strives to offer the highest Cash Back rebate rate possible.

Easy Setup Then unlimited cashback

All you need to do is opening an account to start receiving PCB's Cash Back.

Forex Cashcack with PCB

Primecashback (PCB) provides FX Cash Back service with great merits in speed, precision and high rebate rate.

With PCB, you can start trading Forex and earn Cash Back just by opening an account with our partnered online Forex and CFD brokers.

Forex Brokers

PCB receives cash back from well-known forex brokers such as XM, EXNESS, and HFM.

Combine with bonuses according to your preference and earn cash back efficiently.

All FX Brokers

Crypto Exchanges

PCB is also offering cash back to cryptocurrency traders.

We extract as little advantage as possible for our traders..

All Crypto Exchanges

How to setup

Trade & invest online in 4 simple steps

Opening a Account

Open an account with a FX company that supports PrimeCashback.

Cashback is only available for trading accounts opened through PrimeCashback.

Register with PrimeCashback

Please register to apply for cashback by filling out the registration form.

Cash back will be generated after the application is completed. Please wait for the completion email.


You will receive an email from PrimeCashback when your cash back application is complete.

Once you have successfully completed registration, you can start trading.


You can use the cash back you have received for trading or withdraw it.

Please make good use of your cash back.


Here you can find the answers to the frequently asked questions from our traders.

Everyone is free to register and use the cash back program. Deposit is required for transactions.

Everyone Cash Back will be transferred directly to your trading account or each company's wallet account.

You can withdraw your cash back in USDT if your trading account or FX company supports it.

There are FX companies that allow everyone to apply cash back later or by opening an additional account. For details, please check the detail page of each FX company. For cash back from virtual currency exchanges, a new email address may be required.

It is most likely not possible to adjust the cashback rate for everyone, as most of our partner services offer the cashback rate at the limit of the contract, but please contact us if you are concerned about it.

Most FX companies allow you to combine bonuses and cash back; some FX companies, such as XM (XMTrading), do not allow you to use bonuses on accounts to which cash back has been applied.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about PrimeCashback, please feel free to contact us using our dedicated form.


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