Get 2 USD Cashback Rebate – ForexVox

By opening ForexVox’s Standard account through FXPrimeCashback, you can get a 2 USD Cashback Rebate for every standard lot.

  • The Cashback Rebate amount is unlimited.
  • Cashback Rebate is credited daily to your accounts.
  • All instruments (FX, Oils, Metals, Indices) are eligible for Cashback Rebate.
  • Cashback Rebate is available only on standard accounts.

Open ForexVox’s Standard Account, request your Cashback Rebate, Trade Forex, Oils, Precious Metals, and Stock Indices, then you will receive a 2 USD per lot Cashback Rebate to your account everyday.

Open ForexVox’s Standard Account with Cashback Rebate

How to get Cashback Rebate on ForexVox’s Standard account?

Want to get a 2 USD Cashback Rebate every day on your Standard account?

Follow the simple steps below to claim the unlimited Cashback Rebate.

  1. Register
    Apply for your ForexVox’s Standard trading account.
  2. Verify
    Upload your individual identification for verification.
  3. Send Cashback Request
    Click here to send the message to ForexVox. If you forget to send the message, you won’t receive any Cashback Rebate.
  4. Deposit
    Fund your trading account in your chosen currency. You can deposit funds via bank transfer, credit cards and online wallets.
  5. Trade
    Begin trading a range of markets. You will receive a 2 USD Cashback Rebate from trading on any instrument.

You can receive a 2 USD Cashback Rebate by opening a Standard Account with ForexVox (Seychelles).

Choose the entity you prefer.

Open a Cashback Rebate account

Why you should get the Cashback?

The Cashback Rebate program through FXPrimeCashback is advantageous for any types of traders.

Firstly, it is free.

There is no extra cost or fee involved to this program, so you will only earn more by joining FXPrimeCashback.

Secondly, it is unlimited on all instruments.

After successfully opening ForexVox’s Standard account through FXPrimeCashback, you will earn a 2 USD per lot Cashback Rebate for unlimited time period on all instruments.

Thirdly, it is fully automated.

Once you complete the registration, you only need to start trading to receive the Cashback Rebate.

A 2 USD per lot Cashback Rebate will be credited to your account daily after the calculation is done by ForexVox.

Open ForexVox’s Standard Account

Trading Condition of ForexVox’s Standard account

As you already know, the Cashback Rebate can be applied only on ForexVox’s Standard account.

See the table below to find out the trading condition of ForexVox’s Standard account.

Account Type Standard
Trading Platform MT4 (MetaTrader4)
Required Minimum Deposit 100 USD
Account Currency USD
Maximum Leverage Up to 1:1000
Minimum Spread 1.0 pip
Trading Commission None
Trading Instruments Over 90 (FX, Metals, Oils and Stock Indices)
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots
Maximum Number Of Positions Unlimited
Margin Call Level 100%
Stop Out Level 50%

Go to the account opening page to open your Cashback Rebate account today.

Open ForexVox’s Cashback Account