Exclusive 0.2 pips Cash Back on ForexMart MT4

Only with FX Prime Cash Back, you can earn 0.2 pips cash back with no limit.

The Cash Back Rebate amount is automatically calculated by the system and credited into the applicable accounts daily.

The Cash Back Rebate is unlimited in terms of:

  1. Account Types
    Get cash back rebate of 0.2 pips on any account types.
  2. Amount
    The rebate amount is unlimited. The amount you can earn only depend on your trading volume.
  3. Promotion Period
    Once you join FX Prime Cash Back’s rebate program, you can continue earning rebate for the unlimited time period.
  4. Withdrawal
    Cash Back Rebate amount you earn in your ForexMart MT4 account is available for withdrawal with no limit, anytime.

To receive 0.2 pips Cash Back Rebate, you must signup from this website “FX Prime Cash Back”.

Go to the online registration page of ForexMart from below to make sure that you can earn the Cash Back Rebate.

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How to earn 0.2 pips Cash Back on ForexMart MT4?

To earn our exclusive 0.2 pips Cash Back Rebate on ForexMart MT4, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to online registration page and open a live trading account
    You can receive Cash Back Rebate of 0.2 pips with any account types. For more information about trading conditions of each account type, please refer to the last section.
  2. Meet the minimum deposit requirement
    ForexMart accepts various fund deposit and withdrawal methods. Use any preferable method and transfer your investment fund to ForexMart.
  3. Start trading and earn Cash Back Rebate
    You may start trading and 0.2 pips Cash Back amount will be credited into your account daily after automated calculation by the system.

If you have’t received any cash back rebate on your MT4, please signup for ForexMart again, as this Cash Back Rebate promotion is available only for traders who signup from our website “FX Prime Cash Back”.

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Trade on MT4 anytime and anywhere

ForexMart offers the most popular trading platform MT4 (MetaTrader4) as its main platform.

ForexMart’s MT4 is compatible with almost any kinds of devices including Windows PC, MAC PC, Android, iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.

The MT4 account can be also accessed through your web-browser without installing anything, by using ForexMart’s web trading platform.

With ForexMart, you can invest in Forex, Stocks, Metals and Cryptocurrency market at anytime and anywhere, as long as you have internet connection.

The download links and the web-trading platform can be found in the official website of ForexMart.

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Who is ForexMart?

ForexMart is an online FX and CFD broker, regulated and licensed by multiple financial authorities all over the world.

The broker strives to offer trading accounts which utilize Electronic Communication Network (ECN).

ECN is a computerized system that automatically matches buy and sell orders, thus streamlining the trading process.

It also gives traders direct access to each market.

Some service conditions are different depending on the jurisdiction.

FX Prime Cash Back’s rebate program is available for all traders of ForexMart.

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ForexMart’s Trading Conditions

ForexMart mainly has 4 account types available for traders, and you can earn our exclusive 0.2 pips Cash Back Rebate on any account types.

Here are the main differences of ForexMart’s 4 account types:

Account Types Classic Pro Cents Zero Spread
Average Spread 1.2 pips 0.8 pips 1.2 pips 0.0 pips (0.02% – 0.07% commission)
Required Minimum Deposit Amount 15 USD 200 USD 15 USD 1 USD
Execution Type Market Execution Market Execution Market Execution Instant Execution

You can also open multiple trading accounts to receive FX Prime Cash Back’s 0.2 pips rebate on every account.