What is CoinEx?

CoinEx, a global cryptocurrency exchange, offers trading in over 700 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, and USDT, providing services such as spot, margin, and futures trading.

The platform emphasizes security and transparency, holding regulatory licenses in 3 jurisdictions, maintaining a 100% reserve rate, and using the “Merkle Tree” audit method.

Additionally, CoinEx caters to users worldwide with features like automated market making (AMM), diverse trading options, a comprehensive range of supported assets, promotional rewards, and 24/7 multilingual customer service.

With PRIMECashback, your trades directly earn cashback, credited to your account.

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Cashback on every trade and account

Receive cashback on every trade and for every account type.

By opening an account with CoinEx, gain access to diverse trading options including spot, margin, and futures trading with up to 100x leverage on over 700 cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and SOL, using a proprietary engine capable of handling 10,000 transactions per second.

Engaging in trades with any of the instruments qualifies you for cashback.

Cashback is accessible across all account types. Both online registration and account setup are completely free of charge.

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Why choose PRIMECashback?

Why choose PRIMECashback? With us, you enhance your earnings potential in trading, regardless of your trading outcomes, strategies, or tools utilized.

PRIMECashback assures the most competitive cashback rates in comparison to other third-party entities.

As an official partner of CoinEx, PRIMECashback offers a secure and automated service.

Without PRIMECashback, you may miss out on valuable financial opportunities.

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